Why We Should Engage in Market Ministries as Believers

Market Ministry as believers in Christ Jesus.

  1.  If you’re saved, and you go to work, then you are participating in market ministry. How well you do it is entirely up to you. If you don’t share at all, then I would say that a serious self examination is required as to whether or not you’re even saved at all.
  2. If you rarely share, I would encourage you to do more. Practice makes perfect, and not perfect practice.
  3. Find new and creative ways to share the love of Christ, and remember it is the will of God to do so.
  4. Pray for God to help you. To help you recognize opportunities and to provide the words for you to share.
  5. Thank God that you have a job at all and the ability to speak and think. Do not use shyness as an excuse not to share your faith. That is not from God, it’s more likely a fear of man. God said fear Him who can destroy both your body and your soul.
  6. Remember, it is not about the size of your church, but impact you have on your community, that is important. Christ died for the sinner not the righteous so go out and make a difference, share the gospel and what Christ has done for you.